September 7, 2017

Four Short Poetic Films

Four Poetic Films

In the years from 1999 to 2002 I made four short poetic films “Prithvi’ ‘Agni’ ‘Jal’ and ’Aakash’ for a poetic series called पञ्चमहाभूत compilation.

These films employed a fusion of mediums, from 16mm film to U-Matic, BetaSP, DV, and even CG through which their texture and feel was pushed to expose each mediums characteristics, from color, contrast to grain and compression.

In these films, I tried to appropriate cinema with poetry and painting.

These are stills from the film ‘Prithvi’



Prithvi – Duration 7 min (restored)

Agni – Duration 10.3 min (restored)

Jal – Duration 8 min (Beta Tape condition very bad, may be restored)

Aakash – Duration 14 min (Beta Tape condition very bad, cannot be restored)

Vayu – (in-complete)