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‘Ek Lekhak Ki Diary Se (Machli)’, the first of the eight story from our feature ‘Aath Adhuri Kahaniyan’. It  leafs a day from the life of a man who is struggling to make it big in the film industry and the disillusionment of his hopes as he encounters a stark but not an uncommon reality,  in the face of an established Producer.
Between Kumars Story and Chittaranjan’s Story, there is one man that can make or break dreams “Mehera”

Rajiv Mudgal Photograph ClippedWhen I heard the story from Shaily, I  knew that this is one story that I would like to experiment.

One of the toughest challenges that I had faced while filming is the long shot which has always intrigued me and here I found an opportunity to put the long shot to test.

Long shots are problematic and is considered as old school, but it is a test for the artist, especially if you had just one take to get it right. But Harish as an actor surprised me and delivered the shot beautifully in just one take.



Produced by Shaily Shabd Kumar


We wanted to make a Feature which was minimalist and had a feel of Art House Cinema. This gave birth to ‘Aath Adhuri Kahaniyan’. The first story depicts the disillusionment which a creative writer faces at the hands of those who have the power to reduce the writers art as per the need of the market.







 Harish Chhabra


Harish Chhabra took his passion for acting seriously in the year 1997 with the theatre group ‘Pierrot’s Troupe’ by Dr. M.S. Alam.  Since then there has been no looking back for him. He has performed in a number of plays like Ghalib, K.L.Saigal, Ghalib in New Delhi, Sir Iqbal, Ghalib Ke Khat, A Private Affair, Sons of Babur and many more with shows all over India and abroad. ‘Ghalib in New Delhi’ is now running into its 400th show. Harish has also performed for famous directors like Muzaffar Ali and Padmashri Nila Madhab Panda. Apart from numerous short films, Harish has also done films under the different prestigious banners like The YashRaj films, ‘Titli’ Produced by Dibaakar Banerji and the soon to be released ‘Budhiya – Born to Run’.

 Kafil Ahmad

2016-07-08-PHOTO-00000003A multi faceted Kafil Ahmad, is a film maker himself. He has directed and performed in a number of plays, corporate films etc. He has numerous street plays (Nukkad Natak) to his credit. Apart from anchoring shows, he has essayed roles in a number of serials telecasted on different channels of the country. He has been active in the Ad world with may TVC’s to his credit. His strong voice and great acting capabilities bagged him good roles in Radio plays and films.




Anuradha Vyas

image1Anuradha Vyas has been performing on the stage for the last five years now. She has worked with renowned directors like Sohaila kapur, Aditi Bishwas , Gilles and Sarita Vohra and performed in popular plays like Badshah Rangeela, Bebe ka chamba ,Story of Ram and Seeta , Bali etc.

Apart from stage, Anuradha has worked in many short films and TVC’s. She is also a trained Yoga Instructor.





Produced by
Shaily Shabd Kumar

Edited & Directed by
Rajiv Mudgal

Director of Photography
Mahesh Gautam

Story and Screenplay
Shaily Shabd Kumar

Rajiv Mudgal

Post Production/ Sound/Di
DarkWhite Productions

Shashwat Mudgal

Camera Assistant
Pradip Goswami



Laxmi lights

Light Men

Spot Boy

Deepak Caterers



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As an experimental film we wanted to experiment with long take. But in a slow paced 14 min film, if you have a 7 min single long shot, you are inviting trouble.


The long shot could have been shortened, there could be more inter cuts with better short division, but certain hard  choices were made at the initial stages of production in an attempt to draw the audience to experience what the writer is experiencing. Some of it works some don’t.

There are many issues that can arise at the time of the shoot. Your team can get jittery as they did. We did not have a written script, nor storyboards.  Tensions grew as the shoot progressed. We are not taking the usual angles, we were bypassing the coverage. We are banking on just one take. but that’s the fun in doing an experimental film.


In post too we faced similar catch22 moments.

We wanted to go for a washed out look and ended up with beautiful images which we literally had to butcher down to the bleak look that we wanted.
These choices drove us to the edge; in the end we sucked the color out of the images and went for the bleak look.’