June 16, 2014

Shaily Mudgal

As a child artist I have enacted in a number of radio plays for children that were broadcast, on the All India Radio Mumbai. I ventured into the world of TV after graduating from commerce stream. I was one of the executive producer for the successful detective serial ‘Tiger’ which was telecast on Mumbai Doordarshan.

I have been one of the co-producer for ‘Mahabharat ki Mahabharat’ which was ‘The Making of’ B .R . Chopra’s mega epic ‘Mahabharat’, a relatively new concept in India at that time.

Now I find myself enjoying the wonderful new world of 3D. I am 3D animator specialising in character and creature animation.

Currently we are working on two serials, one is an action science fiction for the young kids with heavy use of CG and the other contains lots of 3D characters and creatures based around mythical folklore.

We also have a feature film in pipeline for which we begin shooting later this year, which again makes a heavy use of Green screen compositing and VFX.

Being the VFX people has its advantages.