September 18, 2013


Indie Films are usually tight on Budget and Schedule. As a decently equipped Production and Post House, we can help you manage your Dream Indie Film in Time and on Budget.

(Q) Who are we?
(A) We are a small team of creative hermits in our small and quiet studio (in Delhi/India). We are also fully Equipped to meet any of your Indie Film demand.

(Q) How can you help us?
(A) We can help you through your Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production processes seeing to it that your film gets done in time and on budget.

(Q) I have already shot my film and have almost exhausted our budget?
(A) This is a typical scenario an Indie Film Maker ends up in.
Usually our recommendations for a Indie Film are as follows:

Pre-Production: 10%
Production: 45%
Post Production: 25%
Marketing: 20%

But most Indie productions are not monitored nor supervised and its usually the case that a disproportionate amount of budget and time gets spent on production which makes Post-Production and Marketing difficult and challenging.
We may still be able to help you, so please feel free to contact us

(Q) What can you or your studio DarkWhite do for us
(A) We can Help you get you film on Budget and on time
For details, please feel free to contact us.